History of Band of Brothers

The idea of a men’s convention came from a conversation in the Merchandise room at NCCNA between one of the founders of Circle of Sisters (COS) and Jerry R. The conversation was overheard by another member of COS who began running around telling anyone who would listen that a men’s convention was forming. Before we realized what was happening there was a core group of men with NCCNA and other extensive service that committed to the idea showing that when an idea is ready, things happen fast.

The idea was taken to the Northern California Regional Service Committee (NCRSC) to gauge interest and support. This was a slow process as it needed to go from the NCRSC, to the Areas, to the Groups and back. After three months we had the support, and the effort was then sponsored by the Men’s Early Morning Serenity meeting.

The first BOB committee meeting was held on January 29, 2017, at the Northern California Regional Service Office in Fairfield, CA. After that everything fell into place:

1.      Seated the committee in the first meeting.

2.      Secured the hotel.

3.      Spread the word via postcards, fundraising, attending men’s breakfasts, etc.

The Northern California Regional Service Office (a California 501C3 Non-Profit that oversees all business and conventions in Northern California including Northern California Convention of Narcotics Anonymous) funded Band of Brothers $5,000 seed money to get us started. While this was a risk, the risk was low for several reasons:

1.      We did not start from zero. Circle of Sisters paved the way with decades of success. As such we borrowed their guidelines and leaned on them for guidance extensively.

2.      The committee was comprised of several members with deep NCCNA, Regional Board, and Area service experience. We understood what it takes, and how to manage budgets,  costs, and timelines.

3.      Most importantly, we were doing it to further our primary purpose by developing stronger men’s groups and unity within our fellowship.