Bid for BOB III and IV

Would your region like to bid to host BOB III or BOB IV?

Please review the BOB Bid Process and BOB Guidelines and Send completed form to

advisory2018chair @ bandofbrothersconvention . org


Q: Why a Men's Convention?

A: Circle of Sisters has been going for 21 years with great success.

It was time.

Q: Who sponsored Band of Brothers?

A: The Danville Saturday Men's Early Serenity Meeting put the ball in motion

Q: Who is the committee?

A: Formed on 1/29/2017 - see Committee Page

Q: Who is the committee accountable to?

A: BOB I is accountable to The Northern California NA RSC and BOD

Future conventions will be accountable to the Sponsoring Area/Region

Q: Is this going to be like NCCNA or Circle of Sisters?

A: Very much like COS in that we have utilized their guidelines and general format

Q: How can I participate?

A: See the Committee Page for contacts - Registration and Host will need the most help