Q: Why a Men's Convention?
A: Circle of Sisters has been going for 18 years with great success. 
It was time.

Q: Who is the sponsoring meeting? 
A: The Danville Saturday Men's Early Serenity Meeting put the ball in motion

Q: Who is the committee? 
A: Formed on 1/29/2017 - see Committee Page

Q: Who is the committee accountable to? 
A: BOB I is accountable to The Northern California NA RSC and BOD
Future conventions will be accountable to the Sponsoring Area/Region

Q: Will this be badged? 
A: This event is not strictly badged. 
With that said, the facility can hold 1200 people for the main meeting and we expect it to sell out
Pre-registration will be encouraged

Q: Is this going to be like NCCNA or Circle of Sisters? 
A: Very much like COS in that we have utilized their guidelines and general format

Q: What about fundraising? 
A: Watch for fundraising events in your Area

Q: How can I participate?
A: See the Committee Page for contacts - Registration and Host will need the most help